Passage Way, an Abstract Painting.

Passageway - 30x30 Abstract Acrylic Painting was inspired by the part of life that we to venture into. Much of life is taking chances, moving toward a goal, and acting on that first step into that beautiful cavern of life. Passageway, represents that to me. The caverns of life are full of beautiful gem like adventures, but not everyone gets in that boat and explores. By enjoying, Passageway, the art lover may want to take that leap!

I love layers of colors - and when pulling back with what ever tool I'm using, - I enjoy what the revealing layer shows. In Passageway we can enjoy the revealing colors in different areas on the canvas. Caverns are different than caves, they are usually open with beautiful stone and minerals poking their heads out for the explorers to see. I hope you see something beautiful in this painting!

Passageway, is privately owned and displayed in a Master Bedroom.



At this time my artwork is available through me and the Gallery, Art On Orange in Orlando, Florida

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