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This is a health tip I'd like to pass on because I've been experiencing the benefits. By getting off all sugars and go low healthy carbs only, it will help tremendously in lowering inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the sneaky thing that causes so much pain and so many diseases.

I'm always amazed at the health benefits I personally experience by taking a view things out of my daily diet. For me this includes, all sugars, and high carbs, which includes these examples;

Cakes, Donuts, Cookies, Candy, Soda Pop, Desserts of any Kind, Beverages loaded with Sugar, Alcohol Drinks, Cereals, Granola Bars, etc. (Check labels, You will be Surprised at the amount of sugars!)

Breads, Pasta, Crackers, Cereals, Chips, Rolls, Buns, etc.

Making it simple, - sweets and breads should be eliminated to feel the benefits in the body.

Energy and lower pain in the body will be the replacement of removing this from your diet.

I love having energy and being pain free!

We don't have to  go without either, there are so many wonderful ways to still eat recipes we like!

Eat alive foods, veggies and a few fruits. Proteins in organic meats & eggs, and cheeses. Limit but enjoy a full grain carb once in a while. Listen to your body and go from there.

I use Rice Cauliflower for my pasta and my rice in recipes. I make pizza with cauliflower crust. I enjoy stir fry, spaghetti dinner and pizza any time I want it. Pinterest has some great recipes to get you started.

The best benefit from eliminating two things from our daily diet, sugar and high carbs, is we will no longer actually crave them any longer. Can you imagine what it would feel like not being hungry all the time? Those nasty little things in our system, - sugar and high carbs, - are the things that makes us always wanting more food and then when we give in we are tired and feeling ill. Not a fare trade is it?

I do enjoy a small piece of good chocolate occasionally without that sugar yuk feeling and tiredness come upon me. If you do indulge, take notice how you feel a few minutes later, that will help you to strengthen your resolve to continue to keep those items out of your diet. After a sugar cheat and I feel like a nap and horrible, it just makes the case to stay away from these foods.

I love living a #WellLife and love sharing what I experience!

Thanks for reading and smiles to your day,


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