The Canvas Always has a Voice!

As an inspired artist I've become aware that the canvas has a voice. As I paint the voice becomes louder and makes itself clear as the brush travels through colorful paints to express itself.

I can have a great idea pop into my head as I pick the palette of colors, but as I paint and layer the paints, the canvas starts to speak. It usually has a different idea than I do, a life of its own.

I could be going for large, sharp shapes and then the canvas demands the brush to quiet down and touch softly with each brush stroke.

I call it my "fight" with the canvas. It's an invigorating, exciting fight, but a fight just the same. And the canvas always wins, well, at least with me it does.

It's fine with me actually that the canvas always wins, because it takes all the pressure off of me for the artworks end result. If I let the canvas win, and let it get its way, the artwork has life and a voice that draws the new owner to it.

As a previous Gallery Owner, I loved when a client would walk in and be drawn to a piece of art and just have to own it no matter the price. I loved this not just for the sale, but because I could see that the art piece spoke to them and when that happens it's magic!

When buying art I recommend buying the art that speaks to you, it may not necessarily go with your decor, but when you buy pieces of art that you resonate with, your decor will be beautiful, all you may have to do is put a pop of color somewhere else in the room and that will bring in your new art!

As an artist let your canvas speak, what is it saying? Listen and create a wonderful artwork!

When in Orlando, stop by my studio and say hi! You can shop online or contact me if you see something you like, lets make it yours!

Thanks for reading!


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