Is Keeping a Journal Beneficial?

Does keeping a journal help keep us on track to a goal? I'm not sure if keeping a journal will help everyone, but it helps me. When I keep track of thoughts, goals and events in my life, I remember achievements, sentiments and the goal I'd like to stay on track for! When I don't keep a list or journal I forget everything I want to remember and everything I planned on actually doing.

When planning for an exercise goal, the journal will help! Log into the journal what you've done daily and keep track of what you're actually doing! Journaling will motivate you because it causes accountability!

When going for weight loss, journal everything you're eating! You will be able to see patterns that work or what's not working for you and your metabolism!

Life goals are great to journal because the journal becomes the friend who listens and won't

judge or say something to discourage you.

Travel journals are great to remember what you experienced when away from home, the people you met and the sights you saw. Those details will be precious to you in the future!

Beautiful happenings in life are great to journal so you never forget! This journal will be great read again and again over the years.

Spiritual journals are great to remember all the things God has done over the years. They are very important for your future because remembering the miracles and the answered prayers of the past will help our faith of the future!

Pick out a great journal or writing tablet that's perfect for you and start keeping the memories of your life, the goals for your future and the daily accountabilities for the day!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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