Release the Art in You

what does release the art in you mean? the definition of a release is a letting go, setting free of something or to be relieved of a situation, a relief. an example of release would be allowing someone set free of a contract. we can relate to being let go of a contract, a binding situation in life or an obligation. who likes obligations? right?

but can we relate to or act on releasing the art within each of us? i do believe all of us have something inside of us that would love to be let go so to speak. art comes in many different and individual forms. the more artists i meet, the more avenues of art i get introduced to. it absolutely amazes me the what people are gifted with.

what are you good at? some of us would say nothing at that question. let me tell you a secret, most artists and even all the famous ones never knew they were good at the art form they became well known in. if they were here now, i bet they'd tell us they just felt lead to pick up the paint brush or they felt led to move the clay. and that was their beginning... just like it can be our beginning, too!

art is an expression or application of a human skill using creativity or imagination. to express this, it is endless the variations. it can be dance, music, sculpting, painting, drawing, new ideas, creative ways to do business, graphics, photographing, writing, and list goes on and on.

when we realize the truth about art and that each one of us can release it from inside of ourselves, it opens up the possibilities of all those thoughts we've had maybe since childhood.

so i say, go for it! release the art in you!

thanks for reading,


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