I'm Loving Acupuncture!

i'm so loving acupuncture and i think you may benefit too, and not just from my testimony below but from all the good things i do believe it can help with! i had gone to an acupuncturist years ago once, but it was so long ago i really can't remember why or why i had not gone back. but this past year i've had a such a problem with my feet, - plantar fasciitis, - as anyone heard of that? I had never heard of it before but i got it and it's horribly painful. you literally can't take a step without wanting to squinch up in pain.

well, i tried everything that the foot doctor told me, from ugly orthopedic shoes in several colors, shots, physical therapy and the list goes on and on. it has been a horrible experience from the pain around the clock with each step to the awful embarrassment of the shoes and the hobbling around. not to mention the expense between office visits, shoes and physical therapy.

at the end of my rope and over a year of pain someone said acupuncture was the way to go. i immediately started researching it on google right? and i found that this could be true, there was a lot of good articles and testimonies on this.

where do you think you could find me the next morning? yes, i was at the acupuncture office with a walk-in appointment and on my way to getting relief.

i didn't know at the time it would help, i only had hope that it would. in just a few appointments i started feeling such relief i was beyond happy. for over a year with every step i have to admit i was giving up hope it would ever be better... but still i had hope if that makes sense.

my foot is almost back to normal and i couldn't be happier. i'm still going to my office visits and i'm seeing so many other benefits from these appointments, - acupuncture will definitely be my go to for relief in the future.

i'm also experiencing more peace and joy from my visits. i've researched that acupunture can help reset your nervous system so to speak. that may be why i'm loving the other relaxing feelings i'm getting to experience. anyhoo, in a world that's so stressful sometimes, full of sickness and diseases, maybe this can help you too! if do believe it's worth a try if you're having any health and stress issues. check it out!

thanks for reading and sending happy thoughts to you today,


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