Living in a No Prove Zone

What would it be like to live in a "no prove" zone? What is a "no prove" zone?

How many decisions have we made because we thought we had something to prove?

Who are we proving something to and why?

These are good questions to ask ourselves. The why's and the who's could be a life changer.

If we are living in a prove myself zone, we are not truly living. We cannot be everything to all people, but we must to true to ourselves. I think it's wonderful traits of character if we can be flexible, considerate and kind, but we having those attributes should not place us in a prove zone.

Do we put ourselves there without any outside pressure? Being hard on ourselves can be a personality trait, - when we feel driven to prove ourselves let's look at the big picture and if we are feeling desperate to prove look at what's the motivation in this. If negative motivation shake it off and live in the positive.

Proving ourselves can be exhausting because most of the time the people we are proving ourselves to, - there is no need to do this, - or it won't change anything anyway. Being caught up in this type of living will usually get us nowhere fast. Sometimes the job just goes to the other person, why? I'm not really sure, but life is not always fair.

Or we say something again and again to someone and they do not hear us. Why? Usually people we have to prove ourselves to only hear what they want to hear. That's why we can fall into the "prove zone" - they want to think we are a certain way and they will only see us as such. When someone is locked in on something and will only see it one way, we will never be able to change or prove anything to them so it's a big waste of time and energy. The problem is in their court not ours.

The free-est way to live is to be true to yourself! Live a life from having to prove anything. Set yourself free. Those who love you, will continue to love you because that's what love is all about.

Those who have put you in the "prove" zone don't deserve you proving to them or much of anything else. Stop being exhausted and hard on yourself. Ask yourself what makes you happy and go there. Taking moments throughout the day and really looking at what brings you happiness is the first steps to stop proving and living in that box.

Thanks for reading and I hope today's thought helps you!



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