Artwork Used for Remodel

I'm so excited to tell you that my artwork was used for the remodel at the Florida Hospital Cancer Center in Orlando this past year! It's a beautiful story of how we connected. Long story short, I reach out to the hospital to let them know I was becoming known in Orlando as an artist with happy art and I wondered if they could use a new piece of artwork and if so, I was willing to donate something to the hospital. 

I owned, Art On Orange, in Orlando at the time. (I just recently closed the Gallery due to my families move to North Carolina) When customers visited the Gallery - most would stop and stare at the artwork for quite a long time claiming that it made them happy. Some customers would say relaxed and some even said they thought they were at a spa the feelings were so intense for them. 

I loved the experience of seeing their reactions! Believe me, it was never boring at Art On Orange. Some people stayed so long I had to go out and buy an extra chair to invite them to sit. 

Back to that morning I reached out, - I ended up sending an email through the online contact page for the Florida Hospital Cancer Center. I was feeling really insecure about what I was about to ask, I think I actually wanted my email to go into the "lost email la la land.”  That would have been so easy for me, I wouldn't have to face rejection at my great idea, or feel silly doing this. If it went to email la la land, no one would be the wiser.

We can be so insecure sometimes can't we? I'm sure we can all use a boost of confidence once in a while, but fear should never stop us from doing the things we feel lead to do. I wrote in the email that I had artwork that made people happy and I wondered if they could they use a piece for a hallway. I volunteered that I could even donate it if there was a need for more artwork at the hospital.

No lie, and much to my amazement, fifteen minutes later the Regional Director called me. I was so shocked when I looked down at the phone and saw the caller ID. So much for believing anything would happen out of my reaching out. 

Why are we so afraid of reaching out to people? Rejection is a huge part, what others may think is a big part and pure fear of the unknown wraps it up. We get so chicken to step out sometimes I think we miss things big time! 

I do believe I received the call immediately because of the perfect timing of all of this. The Director told me they were doing a remodel at the Center, and she was meeting with the design and decor team that day at noon. What perfect timing she said, - and just think if I had not taken that step that morning. When we talked she told me they would love the artwork and would need a lot more. 

What was a testimony for me that I obeyed the nudge of something bigger than me on so many levels! No one knew what the art looked like, I had not sent her pictures or anything and already we had a connection on the phone and a future to work together! Wow! 

The Cancer Specialists at the Center loved the artwork and in the end I think the total is 21 paintings in the patient rooms, treatment rooms and hallways. They are installed and being enjoyed now. I was also able to donate the large painting to the Center that had made everyone feel happy at Art On Orange. It's installed in the large treatment room. 

What a great place to have "Happy Art" and I pray that the art brings happy thoughts and peace to each person who looks upon them. I know how scary it can be when you're at a Center and boy, do you need "happy" when you're there for treatments and appointments. To be able to help in even a small way makes my heart swell! 

The day we delivered the art I was so happy and excited for the honor, I was pretty numb from their kindness and appreciation, it meant so much to me. After all the paintings were dropped off at the hospital, I drove away and cried like a baby... I honestly can't tell you in words what I felt. 

As an artist it's such a wonderful thing for someone to appreciate your work, but for me it was so much more. Most artists, like me, work on canvas everyday hoping to bring something to life, and when it's enjoyed and loved by someone it's all worth it! 

Orlando was so good to me as an artist, I had the sweetest Gallery at Art On Orange, a great studio at FAVO, and worked with fun and amazing friends in the art world there! I sure miss seeing them everyday, but looking forward to what North Carolina will bring! 

Thanks for reading, and you can see more art on Instagram @artistginae. Keep in touch and if you like something let me know, some of my art has been scanned and is also available in prints and giclee canvas.

Smiles to your day,


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