Respect - A Very Powerful Word

I've come to respect the word RESPECT and even more after experiencing disrespect. The word respect is quite common in our vocabulary. We've heard the common quotes about how we have to - earn respect to get respected - nice, but doesn't work for every situation and I believe puts the focus on us and not the other person we are interacting with. Have we ever focused on the flip side of this, which is, to earn our respect someone must also show respect? Have you walked away from a situation where someone has shown you complete disrespect and you wondered what you did wrong or why did they just treat you that way when you've shown them respect?

In difficult situations I must admit I think I focused on my behavior and tried to be the best person I could be and my goal was to treat people well and show them respect. I would not want to be known for anything else! Right? Recently I was blessed with spending time with people who live their life where a mutual respect is expected and demanded from the people they will interact with. My eyes were opened to so many things.

I asked them how they could be, let us say, bold enough and make the great decision of picking and choosing the people they kept in their life. They each told me the word respect was a word they were very passionate about and when people disrespected them or others, they had zero tolerance for it. They told me we all deserve better. And they are right, we do.

I am the author of Five Star God which states God is a Five Star God and He wants a five-star life for each of us and guess what? We all deserve the five-star life God wants for us and that includes five star friends in our life who will show us five-star respect. I've learned a lot from my friends who believe respect is so important that they demand it and expect it from people they allow in their inner circle.

I found that I did not usually focus on others behavior as much as my own in these types of situations. I may be totally shocked by their behavior and disrespect, - but by my being so shocked I have looked inward instead at them. After giving this some real thought this is what took place in my mind, - I have wondered what was wrong with me, and what did they not understand about me that they could be so disrespectful. For me to be understood has been a big thing in my life, that's what has been in the forefront of what has been important to me. Thus, causing a weak area in me looking inward instead of thinking, "oh, heck no, I don't need to be treated this way!"

Instead of walking away and not putting up with disrespect and wasting time with those people I've wanted to be understood. I believe I thought in the past, "oh, if I get them to understand me, they could never treat me like this." But, the bottom line here is, if people can't show us respect when we care and respect them, then they don't deserve our friendship or us working hard at getting them to understand or like us. When a person can't regard a person without rudeness and respect then they are lacking not us.

Respect - admire, revere, to regard someone, to act aware of someone's feelings, show positive feelings or actions toward a person, esteem them in high regard, a deep admiration, show regard to their talents, work and qualities, think highly of them, hold a high opinion of them, trust, sense of worth, care, friendship, courtesy.

Disrespect - Total lack of respect, rude, rudeness, contempt, and total disregard.

If we are being disrespected by someone for no reason and we have shown respect to them, the focus should be place back on them and where we need to put up our new boundaries concerning them.

If you have not expected or demanded respect in the past then you should now. I've come to love the word respect and have such a passionate new regard for it! I esteem and admire the word respect more than ever before. Knowing you're worth more than how a disrespectful person treats you is a game changer! Let this sink in and put it to work in your life!

Thanks for reading and check out Five Star God at any bookstore, it's worth the read!

Smiles to your day,


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