He’s Done it Right!

Somehow along the way we’ve been trained to focus on the things that are wrong in ourselves and others, or what’s not right in our estimation and expectations. We look at ourselves and others through this way of thinking and pass judgment. 

In the Christian faith, - and myself being a long time believer, - I’ve seen a lot of blinded focus on all the things people have done wrong. I’ve talked to so many people who walk in the shame of their past and they can’t seem to get away from that black cloud of guilt and shame over what they’ve done.

I do believe we mean well, but the way we treat and teach others could be very confusing and hindering to a sincere soul trying to find the way. Most teach and preach about all we do wrong and the sinful life we’ve lead, instead of focusing on the truth, the way and the life, - and that is Jesus! We mention Him for sure, but sometimes He’s not the main focus, our short comings are and He already knows all about them. 

The true focus should be what He has done right! Not what we’ve done wrong. It’s all about what Jesus has done for us, not what we do or did. 

We’ve missed the point when the focus is put on us or the people who are getting all their short comings pointed out.  It’s Jesus and what He’s done right! And let me tell you He’s done it right!

Instead of telling people what they do wrong, let’s start telling people, - and ourselves included, - what He did right! 

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