I'm Not the One Who's Weird

I'm not the one who's weird... The best advice we can receive today is the previous sentence. Let's take a look at when we feel weird, because most of the time, we're not the one who is weird. I'm using the word weird here because most of the time when it's not us and it's someone or something else that is actually very off or weird, then it's that weird sort of feeling we will get. And of course most of us will look inward instead of assessing the situation.

How many times do we go through our day and someone projects into us their junk, and they want to make us feel weird for being ourselves? Or their comments are so rude but we're the one who is left feeling weird? Is this something any of us can relate too?

Well, I'm here to say we're not the one who's weird! We really should be done with letting people shut us up or make us feel weird and feel like we're worth nothing, because we're worth a lot and we do have a voice and purpose in this world.

In my soul searching, - and from years of weird looks pointed at me, - I've wondered is it me? Great tip here; Looking in the mirror is always good and I recommend it on a regular basis, but after we've looked in the mirror and it isn't us acting like the projection that we were just accused of, then the next step is so important. That next step is knowing it's not us and we're not the one who's weird.

We've got to stop all those thoughts right then and there and realize what is truly happening. Whoever or whatever is telling us we're weird, we're this or that, or making us feel weird, feel bad and all the other junk that goes with those words, - well, it's almost a guarantee that they're the one with the problem.

As much as we possibly can, we need to stay away from such things or people. We all have the go ahead and the permission to surround ourselves with goodness, positive and wonderful things. It's our life and we've been blessed with the choices of making that life. We need to make the wonderful choices we choose, and not let anything that calls us out as weird, wrong or different make those choices for us.

Sometimes, I just want to look at people and say, "well, bless your heart, but I'm not the one who's weird here." I don't say that because I don't want to be rude or call them out on their stuff but maybe I should more often. Doing so might make us feel better but I'm not sure if it will help most situations. Walking away and taking care of us is sometimes the better road.

Remember you have permission to go on and enjoy who you are and the beautiful life God has given to you! We're not the one who's weird, it could be them! That thought alone should bring a big smile to your face!

Enjoy your day and thank you for reading!

Ginae ~

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